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In 1988,  Liz Gaiser and her partner began Locks on Wheels in Houston, Texas before relocating to the Portland, Oregon area in 1991.  The company has grown to 4 employees and 3 mobile locksmith vans. 

Locks on Wheels, Inc. is a member of the Portland Locksmith Association, the MBA, PABA and The National Locksmith Association as well as a registered locksmith company with the State of Oregon.  Liz Gaiser, Herb Jones and Marty Linder are Certified Locksmiths with the State of Oregon, which became a requirement in 2010. 

In addition to being Licensed, Bonded and Insured (CCB# 84448), the company also carries business insurance for your safety.


Why I Became a Professional Locksmith

Cartoon Artist - Giorgi Masxarashvili, Republic of Georgia

For the Love of Good Dogs and Deadbolts

by Liz Gaiser, Owner

For over 30 years, I have been a locksmith and owner of Locks on Wheels, so why is helping people secure their homes or businesses important to me?  Where did that feeling of wanting to be safe begin?

You’ll have to follow me back to about age 12.  I was born and raised in Houston where my parents, two sisters, and I lived in a middle class subdivision.  I was an outdoor kid and dogs were my passion.  I helped my mother raise poodles, participating in how to birth puppies, learning how to train dogs, and raising Carmel, my Sheltie.

One Friday evening, my parents were away playing bridge with friends, and I was assigned the care of my 3 year old sister for a few hours.  My room was upstairs at one end of the hall, and my younger sister’s bedroom was at the opposite end.   Being very responsible, I tucked her into bed and headed to my room, with Carmel stationed out in the yard at her usual station, guarding the house.  Settling into bed, I soon began to sleep when, I suddenly awoke to the sound of a dog barking wildly!  It was Carmel alerting me! 

Hurrying down the stairs, I was afraid but very alert.  I knew that Carmel wanted to be in the house near me, so I called her inside.  She was glad to be with me, and I was glad to have my guard dog by my side.  Feeling safer, we both headed up to my room.  I jumped into my bed and pulled the blanket under my chin.  Carmel jumped up and laid down beside me.  However, I was again startled by my dog who began running up and down the stairs barking.  Then, I sat up in bed scared with my heart pounding!

I headed back downstairs and did what I had been taught!  Getting my dad’s pistol out of his nightstand, I looked out the window to see a large man sneaking around the back of our house.  He was huge, and I was scared, but I continued on my mission by checking again to make sure that our doors were locked. I then ran back upstairs with the pistol in hand.  With Carmel in the lead, I hurried to call my parents and the police!  Soon the police arrived and arrested the man who turned out to be a burglar with a long rap sheet.  Thankfully, he would never have a chance to rob or hurt others again!  That is the true story of why I am a fan of dogs and deadbolts!

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